Absolutely reliable and safe navigation aids are crucial in aviation. Mechanical calculating and
navigation devices have substantial advantages over their electronic counterparts and have established
their superiority as they do not suffer from faults caused by low power supply or from technical defects.
Calculation devices based on analogue scales match our way of thinking and imagination and hence aid
comprehension of the tasks to be carried out. Each step of the task is done manually and is automatically
checked by the user for feasibility; this reduces the risk of an error.

These are the reasons why pilots need to understand how to use mechanical devices such as the aviation
calculator and why knowledge of their use is tested in exams.

In developing theAviation Calculator IWA 11092 valuable professional advice was given to us by numerous
aviation institutions.
We are especially grateful to:

Jörg Bohn of Intercockpit GmbH - Pilot Training Network, Michael Morr of DFS – German Air Traffic Control-,
Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH Navigation and Meteorological Departments and the Public Relations
Department of the LBA – German Federal Agency of Aviation